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High-Quality Self Adhesive Vinyl PVC Paper

All-Purpose Self Adhesive Vinyl Papers brings the pleasing texture of life, simply beautiful in the heart. This Self Adhesive Vinyl Paper helps owners to redesign, refurbish and renovate their old wardrobes, cabinets, furniture, cupboard, desktop, doors and also can be used to bring new ideas to live in your living rooms, washrooms, kitchen, walls, and glass. The uses are infinite and can also be utilized by corporate offices, by covering up work stations, receptions, tables, cabins and more.

  • Water-Resistant

    Thick Self-Adhesive Paper, Quality Upgrades

  • Easy to Clean

    Can be cleaned by wet cloth

  • Waterproof Moisture

    PVC material protection, furniture does not erode

  • Suitable for All Smooth Surface

    Brush Paint Wall, Ceramic Tiles, Glass, Metal Surface, Plain Wood Surface, Plastic

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