60 Per Square Feet

3.3 Feet
Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price

 Clear Furniture Protective Sheet – Self Adhesive Safety Film

The key use of this protective film for furniture: anti-aging, protection from dust, prevents scratches on original material, protection from dust, protection from water and more.

This film can be applied to any flat surface to increase the structural integrity and security of home, office, and or any furniture.

How to Measure

Determining the amount of film needed to cover your furniture is not difficult as one would imagine. Just follow these straightforward steps to easily measure your furniture and determine the quantity needed.

Measuring your Furniture

Note: if measuring in Inches, then divide the number of inches by 12 to convert to feet.

1 – Firstly measure  from left to right. This is your required width. (This width corresponds with the Roll Width Available listed on each product.)

2 – Then measure your from top to bottom. This is your required length. (This length corresponds with the Total Length Required on each product.)

3 – Be sure to write these measurements down. We suggest adding 1 inch in each direction to your measurements. This allows room for error and cutting during installation. The slight overlap will allow you to carefully cut the film to the edge of your glass, custom fitting your windows.

4 – Repeat measuring for each window.

5 – Add together the lengths for all of your sides to come up with the total length of paper required in Feet.

How to Install Your Films

Furniture Safety films are a quick and easy way to protect your furniture with the right preparation and installation. Take your time, carefully measure, wet thoroughly, and squeeze the entire surface for a beautiful and durable end result.

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